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Nobuntu host Padbank second edition

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You know that feeling you have when you have one of you parents, or maybe both, working outside the country and finally announce that they are coming home? The countdown, the anticipation, the little games your mind plays on guessing what surprises await you? That is the exact feeling right now knowing that oBabes beMbube are performing in Bulawayo after a busy year of touring and raising the flag high abroad. The Award Winning ALL-FEMALE Imbube group, will on the 7th of September host the second installment of their Nobuntu Padbank Show at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo. The show, will also serve as the group’s farewell concert before leaving for the US Tour on the 17th of September 2019.

If you’ve ever seen Nobuntu perform at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe then you know their performance will be packed with a lot of energy and vibrations. Nobuntu has always actively walked the talk of being your sister’s keeper, impacting young women and validating their wildest dreams. The Padbank initiative, which was set up last year aims to establish pad banks for use by female artistes who rehearse at various youths centres in Bulawayo. It is the group’s hope to have female artistes access safe sanitary wear at all times. The aim of the #NobuntuPadbank Concert is to provide sanitary wear to youth centres so that young women who use these spaces can have access to safe sanitary wear. The group’s main belief is that sanitary wear should be given for free. However in the meantime as that is being debated worldwide, the Nobuntu Pad bank shows will play a vital role in easing the access of sanitary wear for the girl child.

There’s still time, get their Music from Digital Stores such as iTunes, Amazon, Google, Spotify etc and let’s sing along on the 7th. The event is expected to kick off at 1PM and end at 4PM, with Focus Acapella, being one performers of the day. This year, those hoping to attend will be expected to bring at least three packs of pads or pay an entry free of RTGS$35. During the initial Nobuntu Padbank show last year, the group managed to raise over 700 packets of pads. This time around, the target is to hit the 1 000 mark, together we can exceed this so come through, spread the word. In case you haven’t watched the official video of oBabes beMbube, here you go:

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