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The weekend fixx | Lee McHoney drops SANA

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The countdown drop of Lee McHoney’s album finally hit zero and boy was it worth the wait. Having featured on so many hit tracks, it was only right that she also ventures on her own baby and see the reception of her target market. Myself being one of them, I must admit I’m thoroughly impressed, even though I missed her listening session because of location. The album cover was well done, with bits of drip obviously of her beauty and possibly hints of how the album will feel. Having heard her vocals on tracks like Help me understand, John Cole’s Skoro skoro, Represent Beat’s No stress and DJ Mega T’s Heinz, I had high expectations of the album.

My Qualifier is the Lee McHoney I know, fusion of an immaculate voice on an Afro beat, she’s always been on love songs so this was probably home for her (after all she’s the future baby mama). Sobalinda really took me straight to the rural areas somewhere in communal Zimbabwe, a great story narrated with a rich African sound, written by MJ Sings showing just how far the power of collaboration can take your craft. Leaving you which features MJ Sings serves as proof that their collaborations go way beyond co writing good songs. Tracks like Laphokhona, Dzoka, and Omthandayo (co-written with J Dumza) are other love track in the album either leave you longing for your distant partner or grateful for one you have.

Considering she has featured for some big names and has her feet in the arts industry, I expected to see a few more features in there. Special mention to #beatbae himself Murphy Cubic for producing the album and Larynx for mixing and mastering. I get attentive every time I hear that #YouThinkYouKnowMe producer tag (Bulawayo is really blessed to have the cream of the crop). I only listened to the album once but I’m sure I will have it on my playlist for the whole weekend, and also share with friends. I’d really love to see My Qualifier and Laphokhona have videos, their story telling tickles the mind. She did promise a surprise video, hoping it’s one of those. Support the album, support the artist, stream it live wherever its available. Follow her on social media and give feedback, let’s grow the culture! You can listen to the album on YouTube here:

Maybe some of you may not know  Lee McHoney beyond her music and perfomances, or maybe you do but not that much, watch her interview on Culxure Conversations here.

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