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Published: September 3, 2017

#3 – The Toolbox Issue


this issue we give the torch to the gentlemen to show off their creative slay.  Browsing through you will notice the balance between emerging and established creatives with the theme of safeguarding the Zim narrative at the core of their respective artistry. Our cover is graced by Kennedy Famba, an emerging photographer scripting the Zim story through canon lens. everyday Zim which started as a hashtag in social media quickly turned out to be a channel celebrating the survival of the everyday Zimbabwean, challenging the misinformation that sometimes finds itself to social media. Vootography and Tapiwa also showcase their end of the lens.

Ashton Makore emphasizes the dotted lines in contract signing, Thuthukani and Peter with the word play, whilst Sindiso Nyoni and Mdabuko share 2 sides of graphic illustration. Liam Vries explains the drive behind his illustrations whilst McPortar continues to play his role in the Zim creative sphere. Watch out for the tips on how to look and feel good as a gentleman courtesy of Iyanda.

Hope you enjoy this issue as you have always done with previous issues.

Please do continue to give us feedback and sharing our work

Admire Makamba

guest editor

Read This Issue

Published: September 3, 2017




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