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#2 – The Anomaly Issue

As I stare at the blank screen to type this note, I think about what anomaly means. It is commonly defined as a deviation from the norm, common order, form or rule. This definition made me ponder on what sets others apart in life and makes them emerge successful. It is the desire to stand out in a crowd, to walk on a different path less travelled and sticking to your dreams till you make it. In this issue we featured amazing beings that are living proof of following your dreams and believing in yourself.

For those music lovers who have always wanted to know the secret behind Reverb7 and Sylent Nqo’s success, you are well catered for in this issue. To that young girl who still doubts their dream, take some time to read Sibo and Karen’s features. To the beard gang, my apologies we all about how to get that clean shave in this issue, better luck next time.

Before I leave you to flap through the pages, let me say Happy Mother’s day to all mums out there you guys rock our world. to the rest of the peeps, stay hungry for your dreams. Dare to be different! Happy reading


Melody Chingwaru


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Published: May 12, 2017




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