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We had cake with Pastor Olinda Marowa!

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Gospel music has always been big in Zimbabwe since way back and we have been blessed over the years to have amazing gospel artists. One of the names that will almost always be on everyone’s playlist is Pastor Olinda Marowa. Having given us so many hits which are still doing big on music streaming platforms such as Ndinouya Baba, Mufaro Wangu and Mapapiro, we caught up with the Pastor and chatted about her journey so far, ministry, as well as Yahweh, her upcoming album which launches on the 23rd of August and features Deborah Fraser.

To someone who is only hearing of Pastor Olinda for the first time, how would you describe yourself at best?

Pastor Olinda Marowa is a woman born and bred in Harare in a Christian family. I attended Cold Comfort Primary School, Morgan High School, Herentals College for my A Level and Christian College Of Southern Africa for my Diploma in Communications and Journalism. I’m a mother of 2, Pastor at Grace Life Covenant and an Entreprenuer. I started my music journey in 2003 as a backing vocalist for Kudzi Nyakudya and went on to record my 1st album in 2007 entitled Nyasha, followed by Mufaro Wangu in 2011, Jehovah Tshuvah in 2014, Moyo wangu in 2016, 2 Singles titled Tichengeteiwo and Zvandiri in 2017 & 2018 respectively. Currently working on my 5th Album entitled Yahweh.

How do you strike the balance between Ministry and Music?

Ministry and music complement each other because when I’m singing, I’m preaching the Gospel at the same time, which is The Good News seeing that at church I also serve to minister the Gospel to people. However its quite demanding because you really would need to balance it well and there shouldn’t be somewhere that lacks your attention.

Being a pastor goes beyond the church walls, it’s also about the community fellowship and even strangers. You are a brand ambassador for Vaka.co.zw and other brands, can you tell us a bit about that and how it also feeds into your ministry?

Oh yes I’m a Brand Ambassador for Vaka and Mels Touch Clothing label. Being an ambassador means you are presenting and marketing on behalf of the particular companies and you really need to be switched on and be of good reputation. I have a long and good relationship with these companies where there is reciprocity in what we do, I offer my services and they also support me in so many ways.

You have maintained a good relationship with Bethan Pasinawako Ngolomi since way back and you are both outstanding musicians, what’s the secret to your friendship?

With Bethen Pasinawako Ngolomi I can say she is more than a friend, she’s a sister. We met long back in 2005 & I’ve always fallen in love with her music even before we met. Now our relationship got cemented when she got married to Lyton Ngolomi who happens to be a brother to me by the virtue of him being my Producer since my 1st album to date. So whenever I see Bethen she is an sister-in-law and I can really confess the bond we have is so amazing, we are just a family. Bethen and husband Lyton love me genuinely and they have always stood with me in tough and good times, we respect and appreciate each other so much.

You have been in the Zim Music Industry for quite some time now, what do you think of the industry from when you started up to now? Are we moving forward or there is a missing link?

Zimbabwean music is doing quite well, we are moving from Glory to Glory. A lot of developments are going on and we are talking of technical improvement, audio and visual quality is improving everyday, different marketing  strategies being implemented and people are working tirelessly to ensure the banner of music is kept higher always.Its unfortunate we lost one of the Zimbabwe’s finest legendary Dr Oliver Mtukudzi but I can testify he left a legacy that we shall always follow and continue building from.

You are partnering with Deborah Fraser for the Yahweh Album Launch, what can we expect from the two of you? Any surprises?

Of course, I’m doing a collaboration with mom Deborah Fraser on my forthcoming 5th Album entitled Yahweh.We are working on a song called Mweya Mutsvene (Holy Spirit) and there 2 Producers on the song, Lyton Ngolomi and Bheki Nqako, we are doing the recording in South Africa.

As a Pastor who is also in the Music industry, what advice would you give upcoming musicians who want to be where you are and beyond?

Humility, Patience, Hardwork, Eagerness to learn and appreciate that other people’s work can bring a change in one’s life. Above all, be prayerful and acknowledge that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life!!!


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