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YOURS | a much needed belonging

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Lately you’ve probably been a victim of teasers and hints packaged by a green cover titled Berita | YOURS with a beautiful young lady right? I have, but the tease is over and I must say: Berita’s new single titled Yours belongs on the loop section of everyone’s playlist.

Assali Music (her recording label) really hit gold here, seeing that the Multi-award-winning, singer-songwriter and producer’s first single under the label titled Ndicel’ iKiss was also a huge success. Still on Assali Music, here is an interesting fun fact: She is the founder of the independent record label which serves as a hub focused on developing female talent on and off stage. Berita works with the Almal Foundation and the Southern Africa trust on social issues relating to female empowerment and education., talk about entrepreneurship! Back to the music: after following Berita for quite some time now, I was expecting one of two things: a couple of vernacular lines in there or a theme of her with an undeserving lover (if you have listened to her hits such as Thandolwethu, Sukundixhesha, and even Ndicel’ ikiss you’d understand why lol). The single which speaks on finding purpose and belonging is a hit that will see itself at the top of most charts in the next few days, if not all.

You’re something like a unicorn

I’ve discovered you

Travelled all the seven seas

Then I encountered you

Make me the empress of your palace

I’m enchanted by your voodoo

Show me the entrance to your castle

All I want is you, you, you

Berita is an amazing visual curator, her previous videos show that she goes beyond writing and playing her songs but challenges herself to tap into other creative arts narratives. Seeing that she is actually elevating with each song and visuals, we are guaranteed to get our data and imagination’s worth when the Yours visual drop. Let’s celebrate Women’s Day today with the song on repeat, even the lyrics allow! Yours is out on all music streaming platforms. Listen to it here:

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