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Create, Curate, Collaborate | A word from Bryan K

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“The name’s Bryan. Bryan K”

I assume this is how he would introduce himself at functions and shows, just like James Bond says, “The name’s Bond, James Bond.” Why would I think this? Probably because Bryan is killing all the beats, verses, and shows the same way Bond does it, effortlessly. He is also big on collaborations so we tried to find out how other creatives can also best position themselves to be ambassadors and not only represents brands but export Zimbabwe to the world.

Your creativity has seen you travel across borders as back on numerous occasions, from what you have seen and experienced, what do you think the #ZimCreative space needs to catch up with regional and international counterparts?

We need to work together and be honest with each other about the quality of work we are producing. We need to understand that we are all different and we should complement each other instead of bringing each other down. We need to unite as Zim Creatives before we can offer anything to the outside world.

You have been preaching the gospel of 100% local content for some time now, how can we best feed this into the above (question)?

It’s sad how most Zimbabweans think everything from outside is superior, we have a lot of amazing musicians, producers and video directors here in Zimbabwe, we have a lot of good content that’s not getting AirPlay. We need to appreciate our own creatives first by playing their music before we play anyone else’s music from outside Zimbabwe.

What sets you apart from the average Zimbabwean artists?

I’m unapologetically ME!

You are a brand ambassador of Big brands like Edgars and AfricanFire AF Jewellery, tell us, how can creatives position themselves for such opportunities?

Just build relationships with people and make sure your work speaks for itself. If you build a brand on professionalism you will definitely get rewards. 

And on the corporates’ end, Do you feel they are accessible to artists for collaborations or its purely the artist’s job to hunt them down for such? 

It’s purely the artists job to hunt them down. I say this because most of these corporates don’t know what they need until you sell it to them and they see that it makes sense. One thing I’ve seen is people are afraid of starting things, they are afraid of rejection so they would rather sit at home than face whatever it is that might come.

Still on collaborations and ambassadorship, How can other creatives break borders like you have, and export the Zim sound beyond national and regional borders.  

I’m sure you have heard of the phrase “real recognizes real”, keep working and make sure you produce music or art that speaks to the SOUL. No one can ignore that! Eventually people will come to you for collaborations because your work would have done the work for you, lol

Any other brands you’d be happy to jump on? (locally, regionally, and internationally?)

Yup, I’ve got a lot of brands I would like to partner with and I’m slowly working towards achieving that.

Many hit singles and successful shows after, what’s next for Bryan K to round off the year?

I’ve got fire collaborations coming out soon, local, regional and international collaborations so be on the look out for that.

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