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New Visuals from 2 Yung | Go Ahead

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Whenever this yung man releases new music you may think it’s a holiday, he’s always busy with school work. This time around not only did he give us new music but his first ever Music video and it’s looking sharp. 2 Yung has been very consistent in his balance of school work and surprising us with his soulful vocals.

Firstly, the song is spectacular, a bit different to what we are used to in terms of the beat but the content stays consistent. It has that Afro soul element which, had you not known it’s him, you wouldn’t have guessed that it’s a Zimbabwean produced song. This also goes on to speak to the diversity of the Zimbabwean sound, we can touch almost every genre. The song was mixed and mastered by Fish F Mcswag and Cosmos Ruoinuj at ILDUCEDYNASTY while the Beat by Kronik! Can I also take this time to just give props to ILDUCEDYNASTY for their contribution to pop culture and hip hop in the city of Kings, that label is Big Brand now.

You are never 2-Yung to start an empire, and never too old to start a dream!

Now the visuals, directed by urbanlegend (Xolani mkhwananzi x Clinton zvoushe), brought out the ‘simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’ in them. Nothing beats a low budget married to some really dope creativity, and that is exactly what the team did here. Even in the video you could tell that 2 Yung is a shy young man, but he held it down for the culture.

2 Yung has been giving us 2 very hot tracks each year, not sure if this coincides with his creative name but I hope it’s not a trend, we need more music from him every year. The 2017 Skyz Metro FM Music Awards Best Break-Out Award winner gave us Cheater and Ammara Brown in 2017, Remember and You Don’t Give A Damn in 2018, and Yung Love and now Go Ahead for 2019. So does this mean he is done with singles this year? Do we now wait for Yung Influence the Album in December? These are the asks we have right now, hoping we catch him in his free time for a quick interview and get answers.

If you hadn’t already, watch the video here and let’s pump up the views on YouTube.

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